Home Automation

Home Controls makes it easy to automate your home and make it more comfortable, convenient, and secure.

Are you ready to take control of your home?

Home Controls makes it easy to automate your home and make it more comfortable, convenient, and secure. Our home automation products connect all the appliances, switches, and gadgets in your house to a central hub. From there, you can control them from anywhere in the world with your smartphone or computer.


No matter what type of system you need—from complete smart home systems to individual smart switches—we’ve got the perfect product for you. We offer products from top-of-the-line brands (Leviton, Elk, Qolsys) as well as DIY options that are easy-to-use and compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Homekit.


Whether you’re looking for a single smart switch or an entire system that will change the way you live at home forever, Home Controls has exactly what you need.

Home Automation

The characteristic of home automation is the ability to program and schedule events for devices on the network. This can include time-related commands, such as having your lights turn on or off at specific times each day. It can also include non-scheduled events, such as turning on all the lights in your home when your security system alarm is triggered.

Home automation scheduling is a powerful tool for making your life easier. Once you start to understand the possibilities of home automation scheduling, you can come up with any number of useful and creative solutions to make your life better.

Is that west-facing window letting in too much light? Plug your motorized blinds into a smart outlet and program it to close at noon each day.

Do you have someone come by at the same time each day to walk the dog? Program your home automation system to unlock the front door for them, and lock it up again when they’re done. This way, they don’t even need to knock!

Energy efficiency

Home automation is one of the most effective ways to reduce your energy costs.


The ability to program your thermostat with different target temperatures and set schedules can help you keep energy usage at a minimum during hours when you’re not home, or when you don’t need heating or cooling.


With more advanced systems, electrical outlets or even individual devices can be turned off during hours when they’re not needed. This can be further broken down into weekends and even seasons of the year in some cases.


As with isolated devices like thermostats and sprinkler systems, the scheduling can be further broken down to distinguish between weekends and even seasons of the year, in some cases.


Set schedules are helpful, but many of us keep different hours from day to day. Energy costs can be even further reduced by programming “routines” into the system and controlling it remotely whenever needed. In other words, you could set up a “coming home” event that turns on lights and heating as you’re driving home after work, for example, and activate it all with one tap on your smartphone.