Lighting Design

Lighting design is more than just deciding how many sconces to put on a wall, or choosing an expensive-looking chandelier for a home.

Lighting Design in North Vancouver

Lighting design is more than just deciding how many sconces to put on a wall, or choosing an expensive-looking chandelier for a home.

Well-planned and elegant lighting design can make living rooms more relaxing, classrooms better places for students to concentrate in, and stores more appealing for customers. Here’s how our experts in Bc Star can use lighting to make your design goals a reality.

A well-lit space should be comfortable, functional, and beautiful. It’s important that you understand what kind of light is best for each area of your space—and which types will make it look its best. That’s why we offer comprehensive lighting services that include everything from recessed lighting installation to outdoor lighting design and maintenance.

 Our team can help with:

  • Interior Lighting Design
  • Exterior Lighting Design
  • Outdoor Lighting Installation

Kitchen Lighting Design

Nowadays most of the time of a woman goes in kitchens. So making kitchen space happier with colors and lights can help your wife to have better feelings during the day. BC STAR electricians serve special lighting designs for kitchens. You can see some example of our newest lighting projects in North Vancouver here.


Remember Bc star lighting service not limited to kitchen design. You can order to have different types of lighting in your living room, bedroom,balcony,classroom,offices and …

Feel free to contact us to have a free estimations and consultants about installing lighting in your spaces.

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Using Lighting Designer Expertise

Lighting design is an important part of any project. It can transform a space and make it more functional, efficient, and beautiful. Lighting design is also highly customizable, which means that you can use it to achieve almost any outcome.

Our designers of lighting experts can help you plan for the right lighting design for your home or business. After a consultation and assessment of your space, we will focus on several different factors, including:

  • Ideal light placement
  • Type of lighting fixture
  • Lighting level
  • Lighting temperature
  • Whether the light will be direct or indirect (lighting design makes use of both to be effective)

Selection Of Lighting Equipment And Products

Once you’ve settled on the type of lighting, one of our Calgary lighting experts will help you select the actual lighting equipment. During this stage, they will help you compare the details and characteristics of different light sources (luminaires). This planning stage also includes the selection of the type and placement of light controls such as switches and dimmers.

Popular lighting control options include: Smart light switches Motion or daylight-detecting lights