In home security, camera installation plays a crucial role. Learning how to install security camera wiring can be complicated. You can let experts in reliable companies install video surveillance for you. But do you know where is the best place of home for installing outdoor and indoor security camera? How should you position your security camera? Follow us to get your answers.


Whers is the best place of home for installing outdoor and indoor security camera?

The best place of home for installing outdoor and indoor security camera

If you’re buying a camera yourself and want to have it professionally installed, then there are third-party services like BC Star electric that are have security camera & video surveillance installation professionally in Vancouver/Canada. You can be sure about prices & high quality services while working with Bc Star

How much you’ll pay depends on what type of device you have and potentially other factors as well, such as your location.

Indoors or outdoors?

The biggest difference between indoor and outdoor cameras is their ability to endure the weather. You may need a powerful camera to work in bad weather like heavy rain or snow or maybe you just need to capture indoors actions that need another type of camera.

Check the operating temperature and approved use for the camera you want to buy. There are some models that can be modified to work outside as well as indoors.You can trust to BC Star experts to define it for you. They estimate all aspects of your house and up to your needs suggest best camera to use.

Installing an indoor camera can be as easy as finding the right spot, plugging it in, turning it on, and syncing it with your mobile or desktop app. While some may require drilling, most indoor cameras we’ve come across won’t require anything more than a screwdriver.

A good indoor camera should have a decent field of view, which you can get with a higher corner or shelf. The best places will have a clear view of the room, a place to hide the camera from thieves, and very little foot traffic (to avoid unplugging the camera or tripping on the cord).

Should you get a wired, wireless, or wire-free camera?

There are generally three power options for security cameras, wired, wireless, or wire-free. Although the terminology can get a bit confusing:

  1. Wired, which means the camera relies on wires to connect to both power and your internet.
  2. Wireless, which means your camera can connect to the internet wirelessly but requires a power cord. Sometimes these cameras are still called “wired” since they require a cord.
  3. Wire-free, where the camera runs off a battery pack and doesn’t need any wires at all. Sometimes these cameras are called wireless since they run without power cords.

With wired installation, you’re a little limited in terms of placement, but your connection will be more reliable and secure. Consider where you have to run the wire and how much length you need. You can always buy longer extension cables.

The most popular places for an outdoor camera are above the garage door or looking over a front or back porch. For a garage camera, make sure you have a large field of view. For a porch camera, make sure your camera is mostly looking at a driveway or walkway to capture all the action possible with a smaller field of view.

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